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First Nations Forestry Training Program

First Nations Forestry Training Program

The First Nations Forestry Training Program (FNFTP) is the training component of the Workforce Initiative. It is designed to match students with sponsoring companies and provide individually structured training that reflects the operations of their sponsoring company. The result is both employment with the company and recognized or accredited education for the student, all of which will help fill the labour needs within the industry.

Students entering the FNFTP will begin with forestry academic and field work at an accredited academic institution or delivered locally by accredited training organizations, immediately followed by work experience with a sponsoring industry partner.

The academic portion of the Program will include courses that prepare or enhance First Nations participants as working members of the BC forest economy. Opportunities for employment in the sector are varied and include, amongst others, forest management and planning, equipment operators, sawmill and pulp mill workers including specialized trades people and many others.

Through the program, we provide assistance with payment of tuition, living allowance, books/supplies, work gear, etc. for the education component. It is our goal to partner with other agencies and band offices to complete the support that students may require in their educational endeavours.

The FNFTP has had ten students enrolled in the program over each of the last three years. The program partner BC Timber Sales (BCTS) has provided invaluable mentorship for students in their summer employment portion of the program.

My name is Laura Young and I am a 3rd year university student at Thompson Rivers University. I am set to graduate with my Bachelor of Natural Resource Science in the spring of 2016.

A love for the outdoors and activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking and foraging have helped to guide me in the direction of a resource based career.

This is my 2nd year participating in the First Nations Forestry Council’s Forestry workforce initiative program. This program has allowed me to work for BCTS for the last 2 summers and has exposed me to several different aspects of forestry. Due to this exposure I have determined that once my schooling is complete I would like to become an RPF and continue working in the forestry industry.


Program Offerings


This module is for those students who are interested in entering a tech or university program but are not academically ready. This module will help them with upgrading or laddering into other modules of the FNFTP.


Students who are academically ready to enter a Forestry Technician program will be eligible to enter this stream. Students must have the following prerequisites – Dogwood Diploma (Grade 12), Math 11, Biology 11, and English 12.


Students may also undertake forestry-related trades training, such as mill-related industries, value-added products, technical trades, equipment operators, and maintenance/safety occupations.


This module is for students who are academically ready to enter a Forestry or Natural Resource management program. The student must have completed all appropriate prerequisites and may be laddering from a technical diploma to university degree.


This module is for the creation of forestry business owners and the development of managers that will lead business development for aboriginal forestry enterprises.

If you are interested in applying to the First Nations Forestry Training Program please fill out the following contact information and we will be in touch with you to discuss the application process, and add you to our list of prospective student candidates.


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