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BC First Nations Forestry Workforce Initiative


The FNFC is committed to promoting and establishing a BC First Nations workforce through programs of capacity building, employment training and business partnership development for BC First Nations entering into the forest sector.

The BC Forest Sector will have a replacement demand for traditionally identified forest activities (logging and milling) of approximately 14,000 new workers over next the 5 years (2,800 per year). First Nations live in the communities where most of the forest activity occurs and we have an abundant and growing workforce.

The primary goal of the Initiative is to increase the number of skilled and successful First Nations individuals employed in the forest economy that can fulfil the BC forest sector human resource demands.



Current and past training related initiatives that the FNFC has supported are identified below:


First Nations Forestry Training Program (FNFTP)


The FNFC launched a pilot program in 2012/13 with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) First Nations Relations Branch and BC Timber Sales (BCTS). The program is funded by the Province of BC FLNRO for the educations component of the program and BC Timber sales, as a committed industry partner, provide summer jobs and mentoring for students throughout both their educational component and their work term.

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Aboriginal Training For Employment (ATEP)


The FNFC supported the development and delivery of an Aboriginal Training for Employment project delivered in the southern interior over the 20010-2012 period. This project was delivered by the Community Futures Development Corporation of the Central interior First Nations and the First Nations Emergency Services Society for the training and development of forest-related employment in Shuswap Tribal Council members territories. Funding was provided by the Province of BC, Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development.

ATEP Final Report


Forest Products Sector Council (FPSC)


The Forest Products Sector Council is a forest sector industry organization funded by HRSDC. This group has recently published labour market demand report and affiliated report directed towards aboriginal participation in the forest sector. These reports are provided as information. If further information is required please contact FPSC directly.


Regional Perspective - British Columbia

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