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FN Compliance Management Systems Ltd

FN Compliance Management Systems Ltd.

First Nations are uniquely positioned to guide responsible economic development of BC’s natural resources. Through the courts and consistent assertion of rights and title by First Nations In British Columbia, it is a very exciting time for land use and self-determination in our Province. With long histories demonstrating a lack of confidence and lack of respect by government and industry operating with our traditional territories First Nations Forestry Council sees a deep need to provide decision support tools to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between First Nations, Government, and industry.

The First Nations Compliance Management System Ltd provides tools for First Nations to not only track issues and priorities that they determine, but also protect their interests and futures while empowering them to engage in forestry opportunities present within their territories. Compliance empowers First Nations set the requirements for the way that industry works within their traditional territory and ensures compliance through monitoring and verification. This gives the power for nations to track any elements of Industry operations within their territory that is of importance to them including:

  • Environmental standards
  • Aboriginal culture and values
  • Worker and Community Safety
  • Enforcement of Benefits sharing agreements/contracts
  • Tracking for referral processes
  • Consultation and Accommodation tracking

What is the Compliance System?

The First Nations Compliance Management System operates through the business arm of the FNFC dedicated to building a system by First Nations and for First Nations. All benefits generated through the business arm of the organization flow back into continuing to build programs for the First Nations of BC to increasingly be the major Forestry Industry players within their territories.

Currently there are three pilot projects for the First Nations Compliance Management System being implemented in partnership with NRCan, to establish working models with three of our BC First Nations Communities.

Why Compliance Matters:

Through this First Nations Compliance Management System Ltd tool we envision positive and mutually beneficial relationships within the forest industry developing within our Province. Empowering nations to set the requirements, track and verify activity within their traditional territory provides First Nations with the confidence they need to develop agreements with the confidence that future generations values and culture are being protected.