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Business Support

Business Support

Wealth From Forests

The ongoing development of the Wood Products Technical Support Program (WPTSP) had fostered a new recognition of the program and a transformation of the WPTSP into the Wealth form Forests Program.

We were working in partnership with First Nations to create jobs and wealth through value-added wood products. The program was successful and delivered a range of technical services through a network of industrial advisors, scientists, economists and technologists.

Sustainable industry growth, community development, economic well-being, local and export market development, and job creation were all underlying goals of our program. Together, we can help build a stronger First Nations forest products presence, and establish better working relationships between First Nations and government.

Please visit our website at:

and to download a pdf copy of our latest book about who we are and what we do.


This program was cancelled due to the lack of federal land provincial funding as of March 31, 2009.  The FNFC continues to seek new funding for programs like this successful capacity support initiative.