Training & Youth

The FNFC works with partners and funding organizations to establish and develop all available opportunities for the advancement of training and education in the forest sector.

The Forest Sector is recovering and many opportunities exist for our people to build exciting careers in all aspects of the industry including working in First Nations owned forestry operations. Read More.

Business Support

Maximizing economic opportunities for First Nations is a priority Goal of the FNFC as reflected in our Action Plan and strategic plan. Recent continued interest in interim Forest Consultation and Revenue Sharing Agreements and Tenure Opportunity Agreements, which are the recent agreements related to interim accommodation fro the infringement of title and rights by the forest sector demonstrated the strong interest in First Nation’s desire to participate in the forest sector. FNFC is striving to build meaningful and appropriate programs to support the varying interests of our communities. Read More.

Policy Development and Reform

Our goal is to provide expertise in forest policy that supports First Nations in managing the issues related to forest resource management in their traditional territories. Forest policy changes from the Provincial and Federal government have never been more extensive and we are working to provide as much up to date information on potential impacts to our communities as possible. Further to the incredible changes in provincial and federal policy; First Nations title cases have lead the way in strengthening our communities interests over their traditional territories as it relates to the ongoing infringement of the forest sector. The FNFC is promoting First Nations interests and priorities with the provincial and federal government in the best interest of our communities. Read more.

Mountain Pine Beetle

In September 2005, the BC First Nations Leadership Council convened a meeting of First Nations Chiefs to discuss the MPB infestation and the ways and means of accessing funds to address the situation. The meeting was held in Prince George, BC and was attended by over 100 representatives of concerned First Nations. Participants discussed priority issues and drafted a First Nations Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan.

For more information regarding the Mountain Pine Beetle please click here.

Ecosystem Stewardship Planning

An Ecosystem Stewardship Planning Working Group has been tasked by the First Nations Leadership Council to formulate a First Nations planning framework that provides an effective means of meeting the goals of the New Relationship and of affirming the priority rights of First Nations to have a lead role in land and resource planning decisions within their territories. Ecosystem Stewardship Planning is defined and its goals, objectives, scope and components are presented. Read more.


Relationship Building

This site presents a listing of FNFC strategic partnerships and includes linkages to access their websites for further information on key initiatives and documents. Read more.