IFSP Blog: Applying what I Learn to what I Do

After working five summers and two winter seasons as a forest technician in training and really enjoying the practical side of forestry and being outdoors, it was clear to me that I should explore the possibility of getting my degree.

Students in general do not usually have a lot of money. It is hard to make your summer earnings pay for tuition and last through the school year. The pressure to look for a job or loan while at school to help pay for rent and living expenses can be stressful, and often takes away from your ability to focus on school.

Thanks to the Indigenous Forestry Scholarship Program, I can proudly say I am taking the Forest Ecology and Management Degree at UNBC in the hopes of becoming a Professional Forester. I have already completed one year and have one more during the fall of 2020 and the spring of 2021.

Since starting the program I have found my strengths typically reside in my ability to apply the learning and understanding from school to my summer work position. I have gained a lot of experience and interest in the planning side of forestry and see myself working on future wood supply projections and plans for my employer.

During my placement, I was lucky to have a supervisor who, through practical work, ingrained a good work ethic into me. We’ll often work over the weekend to complete a task or job, and he always places weight on the importance of safety.

One time, we were out working in a block after they’d informed us of bear activity in the area. We were taking necessary precautions, nevertheless; I was a little more alert than normal. Off to my left a sudden snapping of branches freaked me out and I jumped. It turned out to be a mule deer doe bounding off. My boss thought it was quite comical and laughed it off. Till this day we still laugh at that.

Anyone considering the Indigenous Forestry Scholarship Program should apply early. This program is a really great opportunity for anyone interested in the Natural Resource/Forest Industry. You don’t want to miss out on it!


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