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Now is the time for a fundamental shift in how your needs and values can be heard collectively and become actionable. BC First Nations need to be key players in the revitalization of the forest sector in BC. Our Goal is to ensure every First Nation in BC is involved in the governance and stewardship of forest lands and resources in their territory. We are also working to increase meaningful career, employment, and business outcomes for First Nations people in the BC forest sector.

This category of membership applies to any BC First Nation that supports the BC First Nations Forestry Council in advocating for an increased role of First Nations in the governance of forest lands and resources, and participation in the forest sector.

We do not represent the Nations, nor are we a consultatory body.

First Nations are represented on the Board of Directors by selected representatives from the BC Assembly of First Nations, the First Nations Summit, and the Union of Indian Chiefs. 

Membership Dues

$500 per year.

This membership applies to any BC First Nations forestry business that holds a forest agreement/licence/tenure or manages title/treaty lands.

Voting Rights

Business Members (Tenure) have the rights to notice of, to attend, to speak, and to vote at Annual General Meetings and have the right to be a candidate for a seat on the Board of Directors for the BC First Nations Forestry Council.

Membership Dues

$0.10 per m3 (maximum $5000) per year.

The BC First Nations Forestry Council is committed to supporting all forms of education and training for First Nations in forestry. This is a core pillar of the organization's mission to increase the participation and success of First Nations in the BC forest sector's workforce.

Membership Dues

Not applicable.


About Our Memberships

The First Nations Forestry Council was created by our community leaders in 2006 and was born from the First Nations Mountain Pine Beetle Working Group. Since that time our communities have become increasingly involved in the forest sector as tenure holders, small business operators, forest managers, technicians and forest sector employees. Our Nations currently hold over 260 forest licenses with access to more than 10 million m3 per year.

In order for the Forestry Council to support your community and to effectively organize and implement services on your behalf and exclusively for you, we are launching a new Membership program to include due-paying membership classes – Affiliate Membership and Individual Membership - to allow and invite new categories of members to join the Forestry Council.

Membership Benefits

BC First Nations Tenure Membership (Business)

BC First Nations Band/Nation Membership

Reports & publications produced by the Forestry Council X X
Advocacy for tenure reform and increased involvement of BC First Nations in forestry X X
Quarterly Newsletter X X
First Nations Forestry Conference (participation and reduced entry fee) X X
Marketing studies and materials related to First Nations in the forest sector X X
Invitation to Annual General Meeting X X
Active Job Board X X
Review and Implementation of the BC & First Nations Forest Strategy X X
Policy & Provincial Government letters and communications X X
Direct support and information related to forestry business and operations X X
Advocacy that advances First Nations forest business interest and priorities X X
Voting rights through representation on the Forestry Council's Board of Directors X  
Networking and business relationship development X