Membership Benefits & Services

Dues received from our Affiliate Membership plans will go directly to providing core funding to the First Nations Forestry Council to provide services that are directed by and benefit our First Nations communities and businesses.

• AGM and Forestry Conference (participation and reduced entry fee) - Annual Forestry Conference

• Quarterly Newsletter

• Networking and business relationship development

• Development of a BC First Nations Forest Strategy

• Marketing studies and materials related to First Nations in the forest sector

• Critical review of previous Action Plan and development of revised 5-Year Action Plan

• Affiliate Members Director appointment for one (1) new Board member to the FNFC


Become a Member

The First Nations Forestry Council was created by our community leaders in 2006 and was born from the First Nations Mountain Pine Beetle Working Group. Since that time our communities have become increasingly involved in the forest sector as tenure holders, small business operators, forest managers, technicians and forest sector employees. Our Nations currently hold over 260 forest licenses with access to more than 10 million m3 per year.

In order for the Forestry Council to support your community and to effectively organize and implement services on your behalf and exclusively for you, we are launching a new Membership program to include due-paying membership classes – Affiliate Membership and Individual Membership - to allow and invite new categories of members to join the Forestry Council.



Membership Classes & Fees:



There are two due-paying Affiliate membership categories that are available to a First Nations Person or Organization. Affiliate members have the rights to notice of, to attend, to speak, and to vote at general meetings and have the right to be a candidate for election as a Director of the Forestry Council. Affiliate members may elect one (1) Person as a Director of the BC First Nations Forestry Council at an Annual General Meeting: 

1. Business Tenure Affiliate

A Business Tenure member is a First Nations band or its' corporation/LLP that holds a forest agreement/license/tenure or manages fee simple/title/treaty lands and is actively harvesting volume from its tenure.

2. Business Associate Affiliate

A Business Associate member is a First Nations business or organization that is engaged in or are associated with the forest sector including harvesting, manufacturing, silviculture, environmental, management, administration and non-timber resource businesses and also includes any First Nation association, corporation, entity, partnership or society that is not engaged in the forest sector but is an ally or supporter of the Forestry Council.



An Individual member is a First Nations, Metis or Inuit individual or student who is a traditional knowledge keeper, an elder, a person working in the forest, the forest sector or enrolled in an educational institution or training program to become a technician, trades worker or professional in the lands and resource discipline.

Individual members do not have rights to notice of, to attend, to speak, or to vote at general meetings and do not have rights to be a candidate for election as a Director of the Forestry Council.



The First Nations Forestry Council was created by our communities Leaders in 2006 and was born from the First Nations Mountain Pine Beetle Working Group. The First Nations Summit (FNS), Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) and the BC Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN) are the Founding Members of the Forestry Council and as such appoint a Director to exercise the rights of membership on behalf of its organization and are accountable to, and receive direction from First Nations leaders in BC.

The Founding Members retain the right to vote on behalf of our First Nation communities. However, it is important that our communities and leaders are engaged in and have access to information connected to Forestry Council activities and operations as they relate to the 2008 Action Plan. It will also serve to provide regular communications on the status of the forest industry and relevant issues as it relates to our communities and businesses.


  Individual / Student: First Nations, Metis, Inuit Affiliate: Business Tenure Affiliate: Business Associate Founding Members & Nations
Able to attend, participate, run as a candidate, and vote at AGM to elect one (1) person for Director of the Forestry Council
Access to newletters, updates & reports
Access to Events
Exclusive access to our Membership Directory & Discussion Boards
Access to Job Listings & Job Alerts
Promote your Forestry Employment Opportunities on FNFC Job Listings & communication channels
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