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Returning to work safely

A number of key resources listed below have been designed to help guide Indigenous businesses in Natural Resources through their safe return to operations:


Forest licensees must ensure that all activities of the forestry operation are planned and conducted by all parties at the worksite in a manner that limits worker exposure to COVID-19 during their return to work.

Additional information

  • FNLC Covid-19 Resource Information
    This resource includes financial aid information for Indigenous peoples and businesses
  • Support for interior forestry workers
    Programs are now in place to support contractors, workers and communities impacted by indefinite and permanent mill closures in B.C.’s Interior. This website will be updated with resources and supports as they are established.

Useful information


By becoming a member of the BC First Nations Forestry Council, you can gain access to all of our tools and resources. These have been developed collaboratively with industry partners, the Province, and using direct input from Indigenous communities across BC.

Visit our membership page to find out more.