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  • May 12, 2021 (Vancouver, BC) – The BC First Nations Forestry Council is announcing the keynote speaker, Chief Councilor Robert Dennis, from Huu-ay-aht First Nation, for the 2021 BC First Nations Forestry Conference who will speak about the “Pathway to First Nations as Full Partners in Forestry.”

    The event will also feature representatives of the First Nations Leadership Council – Regional Chief Terry Teegee (BCAFN), Chief Judy Wilson (UBCIC), and Robert Phillips (FNS) – who will together take part on a panel on the BC First Nations Forest Strategy and the implementation of UNDRIP.

    “This year’s Conference program is focused on bringing BC First Nations together to discuss their involvement in forestry,” tells Charlene Higgins, CEO of the BC First Nations Forestry Council.

    “Speakers from all over the province will bring their lens to discuss the role First Nations should play in the governance and stewardship of forest lands and resources as full partners,” she adds.

    Sessions will cover topics related to the Timber Supply Review Process, First Nations Woodland Licenses, and the importance of strong industry partnerships with First Nations.

    This year’s event will also provide the space for discussions on Indigenous involvement in the workforce, including an award ceremony that will recognize and celebrate the achievements of the Indigenous Forestry Scholarship Program (IFSP).

    “This gathering offers up the unique opportunity to present exciting work ahead for the implementation of the BC First Nations Forestry Workforce Strategy (the ‘Workforce Strategy’),” tells Karen Sorensen, Workforce Development Manager for the Forestry Council.

    “The success of the Workforce Strategy is based on strong partnerships, and we look forward to celebrating the successes of Indigenous talent already entering into the workforce.”

    On the Wednesday before the conference, participants are also invited to attend engagement sessions to help inform a new Indigenous Workforce in Forestry initiative currently being developed.

    “To truly implement UNDRIP, Nations must play a larger role in decisions pertaining to the management and stewardship of forest lands and resources,” tells Higgins. “The Conference will highlight good examples, and changes needed to make First Nations full partners in the forest sector.”

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    The First Nations Forestry Council will be hosting the 2nd Annual BC First Nations Forestry Conference virtually between June 16-18, 2021.

    The 2021 event will bring together BC First Nations to share information related to forestry workforce opportunities, and provide a space for communities to share knowledge about forest stewardship and management practices in all regions of British Columbia.

    The theme for this year’s event is “BC First Nations as Full Partners”. As an organization, the Forestry Council strives to support and advocate for the role BC First Nations should play as the rightful owners of forest lands and resources, including access to an equitable share of the benefits derived from forestry activities within their traditional territories. That is why this year, the conference will also provide the opportunity to bring together industry, Government, and Nations to discuss changes to forest policy and legislation, tenure, and workforce partnerships.

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