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BC First Nations Take A “Different” Approach to Virtual Indigenous Youth Engagement

BC First Nations Take A “Different” Approach to Virtual Indigenous Youth Engagement

(August 25, 2020) Nanaimo, BC – For many Indigenous BC high schoolers and college graduates, this time of year normally provides opportunities to attend career fairs and networking events that set the path for employment and career opportunities. But in light of the COVID pandemic, there is a growing concern that Indigenous youth will struggle to find these opportunities.

The BC First Nations Forestry Council (the ‘Forestry Council’) has announced it will be moving its annual Indigenous Forestry Career Fairs into a new virtual space called #ForestryConnect2020, to help connect BC First Nations talent to career opportunities in forestry.

 “As many communities are located remotely, creating a virtual space to connect with students is very exciting,” tells Karen Sorensen, Workforce Development Manager for the Forestry Council.

Rather than scheduling live video presentations from exhibitors, the two-week event will engage youth through the use of quizzes, personalized videos, and forms to allow participants to learn more about forestry at their own pace, and using any device available to them.

Exhibitors will have pre-designed “virtual booths” that will present their organizations in more interactive ways than a presentation would at in-person events. Participants will then have the choice of whether they want to submit their information to forestry businesses and organizations for future opportunities.

“This new format will allow our exhibitors to engage with each participant throughout the province over a longer period of time and provide a better understanding of the opportunities, needs, and goals of becoming involved in forestry,” says Sorensen.

With a number of educational programs incorporating the event in back-to-school curriculums, the website will also guide students in gaining skills for entering the workforce such as populating resumes and learning about different types of jobs available in forestry.

Exhibitors are invited to register until September 4th. The event will be taking place online from September 21 to October 2, 2020 and is completely free for registered participants to join. For more information or to register, visit



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For career fair information, please contact:

Karen Sorensen
Workforce Development Manager

First Nations Forestry Council


For media enquiries, please contact:

Michael Robach
Communications Manager

First Nations Forestry Council