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BC First Nations Forestry Council Announces Appointment of New CEO

BC First Nations Forestry Council Announces Appointment of New CEO

January 31, 2019 – North Vancouver, BC – We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Charlene Higgins, as the First Nations Forestry Council’s new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Dr. Charlene Higgins brings over 20 years of experience working with First Nations communities and organizations in BC.  She brings a wealth of expertise in provincial, national and international forest policies and practices. Charlene has continuously advocated for the involvement of First Nations in the governance and stewardship of forests lands and resources, and for the recognition and protection of Indigenous knowledge.

“We had over 50 applicants for the Chief Executive Officer Position. Charlene has worked with  us for over 10 years, and her experience and caliber brings stability to our organization moving forward” said Chief Bill Williams, Chair of the Board of Directors.  “We are very pleased to have her continue to play a key leadership role in our work with communities, implementation of our strategic direction, and the development of a new BC First Nations Forest Strategy that reflects the principles of UNDRIP, and increases the role First Nations play in forest governance and stewardship.”

“I am honoured to continue my work with FNFC”, said Charlene. “These are exciting times. The government of BC has committed to full implementation of the UNDRIP and to involving First Nations in the development of forest policy, including legislative and regulatory review. I look forward to continuing our work with First Nations’ communities and the Province on the development and implementation of a shared vision for a revitalized BC First Nations Forest Strategy that reflects First Nations values, and increases First Nations participation in the forest sector.”


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Chief Bill Williams, President of FNFC |

Dr. Charlene Higgins, CEO of FNFC |


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